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Let Addiction Recovery Centers, help you find the right Alcohol Rehab Center that offers financing options.

If you are looking for an Addiction Recovery Center and wonder how to cover the cost of this treatment, please read as there are many options available.

If you do not have insurance, if you are not convince about a specific program offered by the treatment centers you have researched and the only option is a private treatment center, you can always finance the cost. Often times these treatment centers offer in house financing or they will refer you to specific lenders that will provide you with the necessary funds to enter a rehabilitation program.

In the event that you want to do the research on your own, we recommend you contact one of the following organizations as they will guide you through the process.

Financing Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment Options:

Serenity loans in their own words: “is a credit facility specifically arranged for individuals wishing to access treatment with addiction and alcohol related problems. We focus solely on your treatment and care by providing access to the best and most accomplished treatment facilities worldwide operating our finance programs”

Visit their website at

Clark Behavioral in their own words: “Paving a new way to what is possible…That is what we do. Simply stated, Clark Behavioral Health Financing (CBHF) is the only “one-stop shop” financial solutions company in the therapeutic and treatment service industry. CBHF is a subsidiary of Clark Custom Educational Loans Inc., a leader in therapeutic and special needs financing since 2003.  Once again, we have paved the way, offering for the first time flexible financing for behavioral health treatment”

Visit their website at

Health One Financing in their own words: is a leader in providing patient financing services for all types of medical procedures and equipment. Health One was founded on the premise that not all patients can afford the elective surgery or medical procedure that they desire. Health One works with patients of all credit types, allowing them to attain the necessary financing required to make their procedure affordable.

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In addition we strongly recommend you to contact your personal banker, as they will ultimately help you find a personal loans that will most definitely fit your financial situation.


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